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In the past year, over 2,000 adults with behavioral health issues engaged in MHA programs that promote recovery. Programs include: 9Muses Art Center, Peer Support Groups, the SETH Line...

Your MHA:

Here at MHA, things are changing.  You knew us as the MHA of Broward County, founded in 1957 to serve the needs of our ever-growing community.   That service continues with our new name, logo and expanded vision. Our mission-driven programs and services are now expanding to Miami-Dade as well.  Mental illnesses have no neat geographic boundaries.  Our vision and our goals are developed to help wherever there is need.

One in four Americans is directly affected by a behavioral illness each year. Every one of us has a goal of wellness whether challenged by illness or not.  Your MHA is here to promote wellness for all.  We are your source for educational materials and referrals.  We are in the forefront in advocacy through our local efforts and our affiliations with Mental Health America and the World Federation for Mental Health.

Our prevention initiatives reach thousands of school aged children annually.  Our family support programs build skills for healthy futures.  We “walk the walk,” empowering and engaging people with diagnoses of illness in our planning, in our programs, on our staff and on our board.

Through education, prevention, research, advocacy and empowerment, we are your voice for wellness. We invite you to join us as members and as advocates.  Working and even playing together we are building a healthier Southeast Florida.

Mental Health is a goal for everyone.


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Public Education
Public Education and advocacy were the Association’s...

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Mental Health is a goal

for everyone.     

Educational Services

Children  Services

Raising Happy Kids after Divorce:
​No matter where life takes you, you are still their parents. 


Over 250 families last year participated in Parent Education Parent Support to learn skills for effective parenting. Family Voices supported 179 families of children with behavioral concerns.

In the 2015-16 school year, over 8,000 Broward County school children participated in MHA’ s prevention programs, including Listen to Children, I'm Thumbody & Thumbody, Too...  

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