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Mental Health America of Southeast Florida convened in December of 1955 as the Mental Health Association of Broward County.   Initiated by a dedicated group of community activists, the organization set as its goal the establishment of a Broward County affiliate to the (then) “National Association for Mental Health” that had already established chapters in Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

Mental Health America of Southeast Florida, formerly Mental Health Association of Broward County, was formally chartered in 1957.   The 1957 CHARTER cites the founders’ mission to promote mental health through the efforts of an active and vested citizenry.   It also defines goals/objectives in support of the mission.  From the outset, MHA recognized the need and desirability to include a broad coalition of community members in its work.  As a result, the organization mandated that its governing board consist of a diverse range of participants, that it not comprise a majority of professional clinicians and that it exclude those employed by State mental health institutions over which the organization might establish advocacy agendas.  The 1957 document remains consistent with the organization’s current policies and promotes values which are sustained by the organization’s current activities.